McDonald’s “Good Morning”

Who doesn’t want a savory McDonald’s Egg McMuffin and a hot cup of McDonald’s coffee in the morning? That’s what we asked unsuspecting people when we surprised them at three distinct locations around California. We got lots of smiles!

McDonald’s “Good Morning” (Firehouse)

McDonald’s “Good Morning” (Monument Plaza)

  • Client:
  • Agency:
    H&L Partners

  • What We Did:
    Direction, Production

  • Director
    Nick Seuser
  • Executive Producer
    Nick Seuser
  • Producer
    Chris Knox
  • Production Supervisor
    Jeff Kramer

H&L Partners

  • Chief Creative Officer
    Rob Bagot
  • Senior Producer
    Ed Galvez
  • Senior Copywriter
    Alex Oshima
  • Jr. Art Director
    Natalie Chan
  • VP/Management Supervisor
    Jackie Cornwall
  • Account Supervisor
    Thuy Cao
  • Assistant Account Executive
    Priscilla Lai


  • Director of Photography
    Jesse Dana
  • Camera Operator/B-Cam
    Mike Epple
  • A-Camera AC
    Dean Snodgrass
  • B-Camera AC
    Sydney Cox
  • Movi Operator
    Charley Weston
  • Drone Operators
    Idan Benaim
    Ziv Marom
  • Sound Recordist
    Max Hirtenstein
  • Location Scout
    Ryan Wylie
  • Release Coordinator
    Ali Cotrell
  • Set PAs
    Devin Cooke
    Kiwii McLaurin
    Ernie Houk
    Daniel Eubanks

McDonald’s Crew

    Alida Novoa
    Samantha Hudson
    Mallory Jay Palpallatoc
    Ciara Shelley
    Bessie Gonzalez
    Matilda Morales
    Wyatt Kelly
    Christopher Holley
    Jake Cooley
    Shane Coopersmith
    Christa Moreland