Instacart “It’s Amazing”

Meet Peter…he’s an expert multi-tasker who doesn’t have time to wait in lines for his fancy mustard so he uses Instacart! With a growing nation-wide presence, Instacart delivers groceries from major retailers like Safeway, Whole Foods, and Costco to their customers in 1-hour. 1 hour!!! Aimed at a young, on-the-go audience who can relate to Peter’s quirky…um…lifestyle, writing, producing and editing this spot was a heckuva lotta fun.

  • Client:

  • What We Did:
    Creative Development, Casting, Copywriting, Direction, Production, Post Production, Sound Design, Color Grading

  • Director
    Ross Thomas
  • Executive Producer
    Nick Seuser
  • Producer
    Summer Wilson
  • Copywriters
    Ross Thomas
    Nick Seuser
    Summer Wilson


  • Producer
    Max Mullen
  • CEO & Founder
    Apoorva Mehta


  • Director of Photography
    Donavan Sell
  • Line Producer
    Michael MacDonald
  • 1st AC
    Dean Snodgrass
  • Gaffer
  • Key Grip
    Andy Haney
  • Swing
    David Lanes
  • Art Director
    Jona Tochet
  • Prop Master
    Aaron Pearce
  • Wardrobe
    Shellie-Rae Leverett
  • Wardrobe Assistant
    Sarah Kreutz
  • HMU
    Alicia Campbell
  • Sound
    Greg Miller
  • PA
    Orlando Rivera
  • Studio Teacher
    Carolyn Crimley
  • Craft Services
    Liz Bauer and Anna’s Catering

Post Production

  • Editor
    Ross Thomas
  • Additional Editor
    Ivan Rhudick
  • UI Animation & Compositing
    Scott Bartholomew
  • Color Grading
    Kent Pritchett (Colorflow)
  • Sound Design
    Stuart Dubey


  • Peter
    Richard Parks
  • Farmer
    Annie Simmerman
  • Bride
    Audrey Khuner Carroll
  • Musician
    Masanori Mark Christianson
  • Rabbi
    Errol Strider
  • Pablo
    Kristian Shirallie