Energy Upgrade California “Life Hacks”

Energy Upgrade California is committed to helping create a cleaner, greener future for all Californians.

Directed by Nick Seuser,  we were thrilled to produce 18 PSAs that cleverly provide energy saving tips, hitting 8 MILLION VIEWS in the first two weeks. The entirety of the campaign will roll out over the next several months.

EUC “Life Hacks” (Turn Up the Heat)

EUC “Life Hacks” (Learn How to Vent)

EUC “Life Hacks” (How to Keep Up with The Joneses)

EUC “Life Hacks” (How to Seal the Deal)

EUC “Life Hacks” (How to Freeze Your Power Bill)

EUC “Life Hacks” (How to Get Off Santa’s Naughty List)

EUC “Life Hacks” (The Right Way to Roast A Turkey)

EUC “Life Hacks” (Make Halloween Spookier)

EUC “Life Hacks” (How to Kill a Vampire)

EUC “Life Hacks” (How to Hang Ten)

EUC “Life Hacks” (Show Your Fans Some Love)

  • Client:
    Energy Upgrade California
  • Agency:

  • What We Did:
    Creative Development, Casting, Direction, Production

  • Director
    Nick Seuser
  • Executive Producer
    Nick Seuser
  • Supervising Producer
    Ted Meyer
  • Line Producer
    Dan Ogawa


  • Head of Production
    Marla Ulrich
  • Creative Director
    Sam Brown
  • Art Director
    James Segura
  • Copywriter
    Alex Oshima
  • Account Director
    Amanda Fuller
  • Sr Account Executive
    Pati Burelli


  • Director of Photography
    Frazer Bradshaw
  • 1st AD
    George Young
  • 1st AC/DIT
    Jonathan Bowerban
  • Gaffer
    Chris Galdes
  • Grip
    Ernie Simpson
  • Swing
    Nick Anthony
  • Prop Master
    Andrew Lewis
  • Prop PA
    Zac Lewis
  • Caterer
    Vernon Dennis
  • Set PAs
    Amanda Reyes
    Collin Horton


  • Grace Ng
    Santiago Rosas
    Natasha Blass
    Matthew Um